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La Vita Nòva App: The Future of Food

Seizure-inducing, hi-con op art makes for an unintuitive but eye-grabbing solution to promo La Vita Nòva, a free iOS app about the future of food, designed, animated, and scored by Milan motion design studio The Workroom for the Italian business newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore.

The Workroom La Vita Nòva | STASH MAGAZINE

The Workroom La Vita Nòva | STASH MAGAZINE

The Workroom La Vita Nòva | STASH MAGAZINE

From the App store:

“From production to distribution, from technological innovation to the contribution of scientific research, here is what are the solutions that lie ahead to untie the knots sustainable food, tailored to a planet inhabited by nine billion people, or perhaps even more: the unconventional technologies to make agriculture more efficient and to transform the food manufacturing, the innovations of the supermarket of the future, the emergence of taste within the person, the jobs of tomorrow related to food, the startups that will change the concept of how we eat.

Download App:

Client: Il Sole 24 Ore
Motion Design & Animation: The Workroom
Art Direction & Graphics: Laura Cattaneo
Sound Design: The Workroom

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