Lernert & Sander Unleash the “Sony Turtle Cam”

With a brief to capture the high quality of Sony Action Cam’s slow-motion, Amsterdam director/artist duo Lernert Engleberts and Sander Plug turn to what they call the epitome of slow, “The camera is so simple to use that it could even be used by a turtle, which is how the concept came about.”

“The everyday life of a turtle is shockingly boring, especially if you were to film it. The dogs add action, but the capability of the camera retains the turtle’s slowed perspective. It’s able to capture the glorious slow motion of the dogs’ bouncing hair as they race down the track, as well as the glorious photo finish.”

Mori Sony Action Cam | STASH MAGAZINE

Mori Sony Action Cam | STASH MAGAZINE

Mori Sony Action Cam | STASH MAGAZINE

Client: Sony

Creative Agency: Mori Inc.
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano

Production Company: Hornet / Stinkdigital
Concept & Direction: Lernert & Sander
Executive Producers: Hana Shimizu & Zack Kortright
Producer: Cathy Kwan
Line Producer: Nancy Marks
Director of Photography: Zak Mulligan
VFX Supervisor: Craig Sylvester
Editor: Oscar Marmelstein (Ambassadors)
Post-Production Editor: Stephanie Andreou
Production Manager: Heather Semer
Production Designer: Jerry Bloehm
Prop Master/Rigger: Shane Bell
Animal Wrangler: Stacey Marino
Dog Talents: Isis (Greyhound) / Apollo (Afghan Hound) / Haley (King Poodle) / Bart (Old English Sheepdog) / Rosie (Basset Hound)
Gaffer: Sean Gray
Key Grip: Sam Hassell
Pre-Viz: Matt Parent
Compositors: Herculano Fernandes, Ted Wiggin
Lighting & Rendering: Michael Marsek
Music & Sound Design: Diederik Idenburg (MOST)
Colorist: Brian Krijgsman (Ambassadors)
Executive Creative Director: Benjamin Hughes
Executive Producer: Erica Kung
Producer: Luciana Alamo

One Response to “Lernert & Sander Unleash the “Sony Turtle Cam””
  1. Lorelei Reed says:

    great ad…BUT give credit where it is due…where are the names of the all dog owners, trainers, groomers, and wranglers??? I KNOW one dog wrangler did not accomplish all that! The animals are beautiful, well loved and very well trained…let us hear about those folks! A lot of talent went into making this look spectacular!