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Lunapark: Mark Pritchard “Beautiful People” (feat. Thom Yorke)

Warsaw motion arts collective Lunapark bring the ethereal VFX to director Michał Marczak’s dreamy, dark and dramatic interpretation of “Beautiful People,” the Mark Pritchard track feat. Thom Yorke on Warp Records.

The video was shot in the Izera mountains of Poland with Yorke filmed in the UK with a 3D scanner. The on-set actor’s head was then replaced in post with a particle simulation of Yorke’s performance.

According to Rolling Stone, Marczak says: “The idea was to illustrate the song’s underlying emotions by way of a mysterious character’s slow, non­-linear, cinematic journey through an out­-of-­this-­world landscape, chiming with the album artwork.

“The eerie atmosphere developed by gradually and only partially revealing certain elements, leaving it to the viewer to put the final pieces together.”

Client: Warp Records

Production House: Pulse Films
Director: Michał Marczak
DOP: Marcin Koszałka, Michał Marczak
Offline edit: Rafal Listopad

Postproduction and VFX: #LUNAPARK
Art Director: Jakub Knapik
VFX Supervisor: Jakub Knapik
3D Supervisor: Milosz Wlazlo
Grading: Anka Sujka, Jakub Knapik
Matte Paintings: Bartek Macias, Paweł Małkowski
Compositing: Jakub Knapik, Paweł Małkowski
FX&Rendering: Andrzej Jekot, Jakub Knapik, Krzysiek Wolski, Łukasz Kondek, Maciej Jurgielewicz, Miłosz Wlazło, Piotr Suchodolski
Modelling: Grzegorz Kawecki, Łukasz Kondek
Rotoscopy: Paweł Małkowski
Conforming: Paweł Małkowski
Copy room: Kamil Steć, Maciej Obara
VFX Executive Producer: Magdalena Miszczak, Bartek Macias
VFX Producer: Anna Kalinowska