Making LEGO’s “Adventure in the City”

Snappy and detailed look at the production of “Adventure in the City,” a crazy-ambitious stop motion mini-epic created for LEGO China from hundreds of thousands of real LEGO bricks (and a boy in a snake suit) by Dutch director/writer/animator Rogier Wieland and his intrepid crew thru AKQA Shanghai.

Watch the finished film:

Client: Lego China
Agency: AKQA, Shanghai
Production house: Black and Cameron, Shanghai

Written and directed by: Rogier Wieland
Rogier Wieland
Danièle Knirim
Yoana Buzova
Suus Hessling
Raymon Wittenberg
Iris van den Akker

Producer: Danièle Knirim
Art direction & design: Rogier Wieland
Set builders: Matthias Hurtl, Pieter-Henk van Wijk

Voice over talent / boy in snake suit: Thomas Boyd

Special thanks to:
Nadine Bradshaw
Jasper van Blokland
Jesse Hendriks
Jean Villanueva
Mickey Yang

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