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MassMarker VFX App from MassMarket

Smart new onset VFX utility for iOS and Android called MassMarker developed by NY VFX specialists MassMarket.

Press Release:

In the world of visual effects, encountering unique circumstances and addressing particular requests is par for the course. When it comes to technical complications, delivering creative solutions on the fly isn’t just expected, it’s a requirement. And just as rapidly as the landscape for integrating mobile devices into campaigns has changed and expanded, so have the techniques.

MassMarket has risen to the challenge by designing and building MassMarker — the first device tracking app designed with the detail oriented VFX Supervisor in mind, built for both iOS and Android platforms.

“The idea for MassMarker was born while we were on a shoot,” commented MassMarket Software Developer Andrew Cohen. “The apps available didn’t provide us the amount of control we wanted in a real production environment. They all had some kind of limitation. So we started working on our own, and built it to have as few boundaries as possible.”

MassMarket has already used the MassMarker app on three separate projects, and the response has been overwhelming. Of the tailor made functionalities, the Gesture Recording ability has been the most coveted and by far the most revolutionary.

“No other motion tracking app lets you save and record your gestures,” added Cohen. “MassMarker will track any movement exactly, allow you to store the motion, and then play it back to assist during performance and interaction.”

The MassMarker App is free to download and available now on iTunes for iOS and on the Google Play Store for Android.