Michael Fragstein Dagner | STASH MAGAZINE

Michael Fragstein: Dan Freeman And The Serious “Dagner”

Slip into this enigmatic and disorienting dream conjured by Stuttgart director Michael Fragstein for a track by Berlin alt-indie group Dan Freeman And The Serious called “Dagner.”

Michael Fragstein: “We used a photogrammetic process that is building 3D models from a series of images. Our goal was not to create perfect copies of the original scenes but to play with inaccuracy within the process by feeding the system with imperfect footage or setting the software parameters to low values.

“The intention of this approach was to let the set-up appear more vivid and mysterious. In visual terms we wanted to refer more to paintings that only capture a single moment in time. It is an attempt to combine the static mood of a painting with some animated elements.”

Music: Dan Freeman And The Serious
Director: Michael Fragstein
Production company: Büro Achter April
Set Design: Turan Tehrani
DoP: Rainer Sprenger
Performer: Igor Weiss
Color Grading: Walking On The Moon

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