Monarchy Opens PromaxBDA Africa

Refreshing take on the design event title sequence from director Derrick Pitts and the crew at Johannesburg creative agency Monarchy to open PromaxBDA Africa.

So many fun/bizarre/random ultra-short bursts of design packed into 70 seconds all held together by the cinematography and surgical edit by Jean-Yves Martin.
Monarchy_ PromaxBDA Africa | STASH MAGAZINE
Client: PromaxBDA

Production: Monarchy
Director: Derrick Pitts
DOP / Senior Editor: Jean-Yves Martin
Editor: Daniel Paul McCauly
Creative Director: Shannon Davis
Animation Director: Gavin Jeoffreys
3D Animation: Pascal Martin
2D Animation: Renzo Rader
Lead Designer: Derrick Pitts
Designers: Katlego Baaitse, Louise Noliqhwa Masilela, Ersnt Eksteen, Shannon Davis, Pascal Martin, Renzo Rader, Daniel Paul McCauly, Niel van der Westhuizen, Jean-Yves Martin
Makeup/Hair: Katelyn Hughes
Dancers: Vintage Crew

Shot at: Keystone Studios
Gear: Nates audio visual

Audio: 344 Studios