Motion Research for Sber Brand Mascot by Media.Work

Anna Gulyaeva, creative producer at Media.Work in Moscow: “In 2019, Sber, a state-owned Russian bank that is rapidly transforming into a technological company, asked Media.Work to conduct design research for the visualization of their voice assistant.

“The task was to formulate the assistant’s motion principles for different applications: in 2D and 3D environments, software and hardware platforms.

“Using the brand’s colors, designers developed a set of static and animated visualizations, finding the assistant’s personality and connecting it to the bigger story of the brand.

“The assistant’s main features were its fluidity and mobility. Altering its surface colors and shape, it could transit between different actions and states.

“Willing to accentuate the connection between the assistant and a user, the team also suggested using an illusion of depth created by the blurred contour of the assistant. Moving away from the surface and out of focus, the assistant could take a break to find the necessary information, and moving back, it would focus the attention on the user again.

“Another feature of the assistant was its independence. Outside of the interaction with the user, the assistant was not supposed to stay still — it could move around and examine its surroundings.”

Client: Sber

Production: Media.Work
Creative Director: Maxim Zhestkov, Igor Sordokhonov
Art Director/designer/animator: Phil Bonum, Sergey Shurupov, Maxim Tleubaev, Dmitriy Ponomarev, Artur Gadzhiev
Writer: Anna Gulyaeva

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