Niceshit and Dada Projects Headline Motion North Meet Up in Manchester

Motion North is the Manchester-based group of motion designers, animators, filmmakers, and VFX artists who get together every quarter to hear from outstanding industry speakers and share their love of making things move.

Motion North founder Jonathan Ashworth: “Joining us for the July 12th event from Barcelona are Niceshit. An animation studio who don’t have a signature look or style, but a love of character design, bold colors, and humorous narratives – whether it’s for social, television, or out-of-home projects.

“Our second guests are Dada Projects, a female-led studio that specializes in an alternative future for 3D design. Having worked with Vogue, Nike, Selfridges, Adidas and many others, they’ll be showcasing their use of emerging technologies to produce unique animations.

“This line-up is a perfect blend of animation, CGI, motion, and design. Just how we like Motion North to be.”

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