Aston Martin DBX707 brand film AltSpace | STASH MAGAZINE

AltSpace Explores the Fiery Soul of Aston Martin’s DBX707

Headquartered in Cyprus, CG studio AltSpace just drove onto the Stash radar with this mix of engineering and adrenaline showcasing the features underpinning the high performance of Aston Martin’s DBX707 luxury SUV. [Watch]

Emmanuelle Walker WIZZ Short Film OMW | STASH MAGAZINE

Emmanuelle Walker Loses Control in New Short Film “OMW”

WIZZ director/animator Emmanuelle Walker takes time away from the budgets and deadlines of commercial work to mine subconscious symbols from her life and art for this enigmatic and unpredictable short film. [Watch]

Ordinary Folk Mainframe motion design | STASH MAGAZINE

Ordinary Folk Rescues “Mainframe” Motion Project From the Bin of Destiny

It’s a tough fact of production life that some design jobs – usually ones you’ve invested with a lot of love – wither and die on the vine. The team at Ordinary Folk in Vancouver decided this was not one of those projects. [Watch]

Motion-Plus-Design-Paris-2023 | STASH MAGAZINE

Motion Plus Design Paris 2023 Lands Saturday, Nov 25

Motion Plus Design, one of the planet’s premier design festivals invades Paris, Nov 25 with a stellar line up including Vallée Duhamel, Alexa Sirbu, Jeff Han, Gaspar Noé, Tom Kan, Burton Rast, Dédouze, and Quentin Deronzier. [Watch]

XK studio Matthew Wilcock Out installation | STASH MAGAZINE

XK studio Goes “Out” With Composer Matthew Wilcock in New Motion Installation

XK studio explores the idea of graphical music notation in this mesmerizing and spectacularly detailed wrap-around CG motion work for UK producer/composer/sound designer Matthew Wilcock installed at Outernet London. [Watch]

Stash issue 162 cover image | STASH MAGAZINE

Ramp Up Your Winter Inspiration With Stash 162

Grab a peek at the trailer for Stash 162, a seriously inspired crop of motion design, animation, and VFX – now available for your streaming pleasure as part of the Stash Permanent Collection. [Watch]

Impossible Objects Build an Impossible World in Music Video for PIA & Anymize

Director Joe Sill and the virtual production team at Impossible Objects conjure a massive fantasy world in this music video for singer/songwriter/artist PIA and EDM producer Anymize using only a 30 X 12 LED wall and Unreal Engine. [Watch]

Therabody Theragun PRO Plus Film by DNGR | STASH MAGAZINE

DNGR Keeps it Close with Theragun PRO Plus Film for Therabody

In their latest product film for Los Angeles wellness brand Therabody, Denver studio DNGR crafts an intimate and meticulously rendered love letter to the Theragun PRO Plus massage device. [Watch]

BMW Symphony GDC Epic Games Mondlicht Studios | STASH MAGAZINE

Mondlicht Studios Orchestrates a “Symphony” for BMW and Epic Games at GDC

Partnering with BMW and Epic Games, the design and CG crew at Mondlicht Studios in Germany put Unreal Engine thru its paces to add flashes of the surreal to this cinematic for the 2023 Game Developers Conference. [Watch]

Megaforce Electric Theatre Collective Snapper John Lewis Christmas Spot | STASH MAGAZINE

Megaforce and Electric Theatre Collective Deliver “The Perfect Tree” in John Lewis Christmas Spot

If you’re a Little Shop of Horrors fan, you’ll appreciate this fun take on the aggressive house plant genre from VFX force Electric Theatre Collective and Riff Raff directors Megaforce for John Lewis’ much-anticipated Christmas spot. [Watch]

Assembly and Jonny Kofoed Find the Point of Change for Deloitte | STASH MAGAZINE

Assembly and Jonny Kofoed “Find the Point of Change” for Deloitte

With ample helpings of visual wit and style, director Jonny Kofoed and the motion team at Assembly in Auckland, New Zealand, transform dry facts and numbers about corporate change into an engaging message for Deloitte. [Watch]

Monsters Attack Teamfight Tactics Championship Trailer by Nobl | STASH MAGAZINE

Nōbl Dishes Out New Teamfight Tactics Championship Trailer

With a manic mash-up of 3D and 2D animation, Paris studio Nōbl make sure the tone stays light and lively in this hype trailer for the global championship of Teamfight Tactics, Riot Games’ spinoff of League of Legends. [Watch]

Nike China Winter Jacket ad Wicked Pixels Henry Scholfield | STASH MAGAZINE

Wicked Pixels Warms Up a Frosty Future for Nike China

Just two weeks after dropping this crazed spot for Opel, director Henry Scholfield and Cape Town studio Wicked Pixels are back with more VFX fun – this time for Nike China thru prodco Hamlet and the Shanghai office of Wieden+Kennedy. [Watch]

MegaComputeur and Passion Pictures Suchard Holiday Spot | STASH MAGAZINE

MegaComputeur and Passion Pictures Keep it Sweet for Suchard Holiday Spot

Leveraging their mastery of character and narrative, Passion Pictures directing collective MegaComputeur escort us back through relatable and touching moments in the life of a regular family for Spanish nougat brand Suchard. [Watch]