Diptyque Holiday collection H5 Jungler | STASH MAGAZINE

H5 and Jungler Dance With Diptyque for the Holidays

Jungler director (and Oscar-winner) Ludovic Houplain channels Las Vegas show choreography to illuminate a Christmas film “that stands out from the usual clichés while retaining a festive spirit” for French luxury perfumer Diptyque. [Watch]

MPC The Mill Paris and the Duracell Bunny Save Christmas | STASH MAGAZINE

Geoffroy Barbet-Massin and the Duracell Bunny Save Christmas

French director Geoffroy Barbet-Massin, who we last covered for his twist on traditional Japanese art for France TV’s coverage of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, flies off in a totally different direction in this CG holiday comedy for Duracell. [Watch]

Boost Infinite Wireless Utopia ad Carl Addy Covert | STASH MAGAZINE

Welcome to Boost Infinite’s Wireless Utopias

The team at London motion and VFX studio We Are Covert join The Mayda Creative Co. directors Ben Smith and Carl Addy to craft a pair of visual utopias for US wireless provider Boost Infinite thru Grey. [Watch]

FutureDeluxe Unveils the Beauty of Industry

Machinery found on the factory floor is seldom the subject of sleek and artful product films, which is a big part of what makes this austere CG opus from FutureDeluxe and CD Raj Davsi for the Markforged FX10 metal 3D printer a treat. [Watch]

TK Maxx Holiday ad byThe Mill | STASH MAGAZIN

Fashion Hits the Farm in The Mill’s Holiday Spot for TK Maxx

Proving effective holiday spots don’t always have to trigger your tear ducts, director Ulf Johansson and the creature animation teams at The Mill in London and Bangalore strut their stuff for UK department store chain TK Maxx. [Watch]

ESC short film by Sam Southward and Foreal | STASH MAGAZINE

Sam Southward and Foreal Look to “ESC” in OFFF Mexico 2023 Titles

An accelerating existential crisis drives a young woman to an epiphany about life’s important things (like cats) in this animated comedy from UK director Sam Southward and German studio Foreal for OFFF MX in Mexico City. [Watch]

Psyop Riff Raff Aldi Christmas Kevin the Carrot Wonka Wonderland | STASH MAGAZINE

Psyop and Riff Raff’s Aldi Christmas Spot Finds Kevin the Carrot in a Wonka Wonderland

In a mesmerizing mix of CG and live action, Psyop directing duo Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick reprise their Aldi holiday hero Kevin the Carrot while packing the full 90 seconds with layers of characters, gadgets, food, and comic details. [Watch]

AHS Daphne titles Ep2 FX Elastic Hazel Baird | STASH MAGAZINE

Hazel Baird Details the Design Thinking Behind the Titles for AHS: Daphne Ep2

Hard on the heels of the titles for Lessons in Chemistry, Elastic ECD Hazel Baird delivers a standout opening sequence for the 2nd episode of “Daphne”, the third season of FX’s anthology series American Horror Story. [Watch]

Hybrid Medical Animation The Tumor Microenvironment | STASH MAGAZINE

Hybrid’s Fantastic Voyage into a Tumor Microenvironment

Like a drone flight over an alien landscape, this film from Minneapolis medical animation studio Hybrid reveals the strange beauty and intense detail of the world inside a tumor, with some scenes requiring the rendering of over 10 million cells. [Watch]

IGA Holiday ad 2023 Tonic DNA2

Mr. Beaver Bakes Up a Sweet Christmas in Tonic DNA’s IGA Holiday Spot

Lead by directors Kun Chang and Fabien Fulchiron, Tonic DNA in Montreal re-teams with grocery retailer IGA and agency Sid Lee to conjure a grandfather’s magical story of Mr. Beaver and how he came to share his favorite holiday dessert. [Watch]

Kroger Cuisine Exchange holiday ad 2023 by Hornet | STASH MAGAZINE

Hornet Hosts a “Cuisine Exchange” Party for Kroger’s Christmas

The avalanche of holiday heart-warmers continues with the return of Kroger’s much-loved Kroji characters in a tale directed by Yves Geleyn and Michael Thurmeier at Hornet thru agency Adam&eveDDB New York. [Watch]

M&S Christmas 2023 ad Dawn French Ryan Reynolds | STASH MAGAZINE

Marks & Spencer & Dom & Nic & The Mill & Dawn French & Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenney

Newly adopted sons of Wales Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney join comedian Dawn French as she reprises her fairy role in the annual Marks & Spencer holiday outing via Outsider directors Dom&Nic with animated mittens and VFX by The Mill. [Watch]

Air Company Extinction Ends Here brand film by Builders Club | STASH MAGAZINE

Builders Club Accelerates “Extinction Ends Here” Campaign for Air Company

Compelling production work here from Builders Club and London editing studio Avenues for Brooklyn’s Air Company whose reactor converts carbon into carbon-negative products, “turning our most abundant pollutant into a resource for good.” [Watch]

Paloma Baeza Nexus Lets Make it Sparkle Very Christmas 2023 | STASH MAGAZINE

Paloma Baeza and Nexus “Make it Sparkle” in a Very Flamingo Christmas

Nexus director Paloma Baeza, who won a BAFTA and an Annie for her stop-motion short film Poles Apart featuring two bears, moves on to CG birds in this glitzy holiday number for British online retailer Very. [Watch]