Stash issue 161 | STASH MAGAZINE
BUCK Flavor Up with T Pain and Splash Blast | STASH MAGAZINE

BUCK and GRIT “Flavor Up” with T-Pain for Splash

From the team at BUCK: “It was a dream when GRIT invited us to collaborate on a 30-second ad for Splash flavored water, featuring an original track composed live by T-Pain on his Twitch stream. [Watch]

BUCK Keeps Australia Cool With Gong Cha Tea | STASH MAGAZINE

BUCK Keeps Australian’s Cool With Gong Cha Tea

ECD Gareth O’Brien (whose many design/animation styles can be seen here) leads the BUCK Sydney crew and a trio of expressive CG characters fearlessly into the Australian heat for Taiwan tea franchise Gong Cha. [Watch]

BUCK Original Game Lets Revolution | STASH MAGAZINE

Take a Peek at BUCK’s First Game “Let’s! Revolution!”

Launched July 19, Let’s! Revolution! is the first original game from animation/design powerhouse BUCK – described by the studio as a “mashup of deductive tile-flipping reminiscent of Minesweeper and tactical turn-based strategy.” [Watch]

What is GitHub by Buck | STASH MAGAZINE

What is GitHub? Buck and a Duck Explain

ECD Vincent Lammers and the Amsterdam studio of Buck head up a massive, multi-technique effort to demystify who and what the software company GitHub is and raise its profile outside the traditional user base of developers. [Watch]

Stash Magazine issue 157 | STASH MAGAZINE