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Passion Animation Grows Talent in the Greenhouse

From the release:

Passion Animation Studios and its sister studio Strange Beast have launched a new talent development program called the Greenhouse.

Representing a roster of developing animation directors for commercial work, the Greenhouse is also a space where Passion and Strange Beast’s experience and resources will be made available for artists to create personal projects and learn new skills and techniques.

The Greenhouse will house the films funded by the annual Passion Prize, financial support given to student films. Led by Becky Perryman the new site also houses information and resources about Passion and Strange Beast’s internships and mentor schemes.

Current directors in the Greenhouse are Izzy Burton, Sacha Beeley, Laura Jayne Hodkin, Tjoff Koong, Reuben McNaughton, and Mads Broni. Mads Broni has already seen great commercial success with his films for Wagamama and Apex Legends video games and will be joining the Passion Animation Studios main roster.