Pleid Plants “Crazy Daisies” for Prada (Director’s Cut)

Juanma Mota, founder and director at Madrid art and motion studio Pleid: “We were asked by 2×4 NY to work on some animation series for Prada.

“They launched a brand new Spring sandal and bootie collection inspired by the blooming effect that they produce while wearing it. The shoes’ design is crazy, as the name is Crazy Daisies!”

Client: Prada Milano

Agency: 2×4 NY

Direction: Pleid
Art Direction: Juanma Mota
Animation: Juanma Mota, Ruye, Rafa García, Mario de Dios
Shading / Lighting: Juanma Mota, Ruye
Rigging: Víctor de Luis, Ruye
Modeling: Barruz Studio
Compositing: Juanma Mota

Sound Design: Aimar Molero