Polynoid and Woodblock: Greenpeace “New Bees”

“Should we create a new world or save our own?” That’s the question Greenpeace asks in this near-future sci-fi advert called “New Bees” directed by Polynoid and produced and animated at Woodblock in Berlin.

From Greenpeace: “If we carry on with chemically intensive agriculture model, it is quite possible we may affect our pollinating insects to such a degree that we reach a global “pollination crisis”. This is the imaginary future we do not want. This future where bees and the biodiversity they help maintain, have finally fallen victim to chemically intensive industrial agriculture.”

You can sign the SaveTheBees petition here.

Client – Greenpeace
Creative – Alexander Kaltchev
Director – Polynoid

Production Company / Animation Studio – Woodblock
Artists – Jan Bitzer, Tom Weber, Ilija Brunck, Marco Kowalik, Fabian
Pross, Csaba Letay, Michael Heberlein, William Tirloy, Max Stoehr,
Sarah Eim, Markus Eschrich

Service Production – Soilfilms
DoP – Tanja Häring
Actors – Yoko Nova Schimschar, Luca Brunck Florez

Music – World Gang