The Power of Admitting “I Don’t Know” by Patrick Knip

Motion Designer and illustrator Patrick Knip: “This short film stems from the constant fear of making the wrong decisions for ourselves. This also ties in with the idea of imposter syndrome, and the feeling that you aren’t good enough to be doing what you’re doing.

“To me, we overthink these decisions because we either suspect another decision might be better for us in the long run, or we think someone else doesn’t believe we are good enough either. However, there is absolutely no way to know if something will work out unless we try first.

“‘I Don’t Know’ is about validating these fears, but ultimately reassuring you that it’s alright to make decisions without knowing where they will lead you, all you have to do is keep moving forward.”

Design/animation: Patrick Knip
VO: Austen Moret
Toolkit: After Effects, Photoshop, Cinema4D