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Psyop Moves Toward Global Network with new Studios in Berlin and Stuttgart

From the release:

Creative Production Studio Psyop is launching its first Studio in Europe. Led by a collective of artists, producers and creators, driven by a passion for making exceptional content, the desire to persuade, change and influence and capture hearts and minds along the way. Justin Stiebel, Matthias Bauerle, Stefan Susemihl, Hans-Christoph Schultheiss and Jan Tiller have come together to form the new leadership team, guided by Psyop co-founder Marco Spier.

Bursting onto the scene this month, Psyop will feature a diverse roster of local and global directorial talent rounded out by accomplished creators with a passion for craft including Juan Pablo Brockhaus, Elizabeth Leeb, Kariem Saleh, and Lou Bones. Ever the purveyor of innovation, Psyop is pioneering a decentralized way of working to break the mold once more and set a new standard of collaboration.

“To better serve our European partners, we wanted to create a regionalized home for talented directors, creators, makers, and artists to all work together under a collective approach that puts design and creativity at the forefront of our work, a home for our artists to influence and define culture,” said Psyop co-founder Marco Spier.

Psyop truly is everywhere and that is why the Psyop team has decided to set up headquarters in Berlin, in addition to several smaller hubs across the country. Director of Production & Executive Producer Jan Tiller comments, “We are independent of technology as we are fully cloud-based. This makes it easy for us to be where our teams want to be. We can focus on building a true hivemind of creativity with artists from all over the country, continent or even the world.”

“Berlin is a vibrant city of skilled artists across all visual mediums and the right place for us to establish our creative studio,” said Managing Director, Justin Stiebel. “Psyop has always been known as more than just a production company, but as a team of artists who come up with the unexpected and break through boundaries in our mission to persuade. That cultural legacy will be the focus of our work in Europe.”

“We are not only bringing a dedicated roster of superlative talent to Europe, but we are connecting our clients and partners through the cloud to a global network of Psyop creatives,” said Executive Creative Director, Hans-Christoph Schultheiss. “It’s a seamless integration of like-minded people who are passionate and deeply committed to what they do.”

As a unique global production company with a distinct point of view and an attitude that is alternately playful and provocative, Psyop is bringing its well-known roster of directors to Germany and will continue the relationship with RiffRaff in the UK and WIZZ in France. Psyop is also expanding its Directorial roster for the local clients.

With a knack for thinking outside the box, exceptional artistry, and a passion for craft, Psyop’s new escapades into Europe will be the next step toward a global network.