Romain Loubersanes for CNN “Love in Conflict: Nahla’s Letter”

Illustrator and Animator Romain Loubersanes in London: “Over the past year CNN has collected letters written between loved ones who have been in the path of past and present hostilities.

“I was commissioned by CNN to create an animation for the “Love in Conflict” series of visual essays about these love letters.

“I decided to team up with the awesome designer Sebastian Curi. The script and storyboard were a joint collaboration, then split up with Sebastian on design and me on animation. Such a great experience working together on this project.”
CNN Love in Conflict | STASH MAGAZINE

Client: CNN
Executive producers: Olivia Bolton, Vivek Kemp
Creative Director: Jon Reyes
Associate Creative Director: Ignacio Osorio
Producers: Jessica King, Ed Kiernan, Paul Hancocks, Mohammed Tawfeeq, Arwa Damon, Stephanie Busari
Branding and Development: Ignacio Osorio, Sarah-Grace Mankarious, Cyrus Lo

Direction: Romain Loubersanes
Storyboard: Sebastian Curi, Romain Loubersanes
Design: Sebastian Curi
Animation: Romain Loubersanes

Music and Sound design: Curtis Brown