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Smellegendary: Old Spice “Rocket Car”

The first spot in Wieden+Kennedy’s Smellegendary campaign for Old Spice combines a fun script (see below), French actor/heart-throb Axel Kiener, and beat-perfect supporting VFX from The Mill – all pulled together by Biscuit director Steve Rogers.

Tim Davies, Creative director and Head of 2D at The Mill: “The three-week shoot took place in South Africa, at the Hakskeen Pan, where world land speed record attempts genuinely take place. Throughout the shoot we disassembled sections of the rocket car to show the progression of it falling to pieces.

“Back in CG, we added panels back in for continuity, or animated them flying off, which eventually resulted in the bare chassis that you see dramatically burst into flames.

“One of the biggest challenges was to show the evidence of speed. The rocket car was towed at approximately 40 miles per hour; our challenge was to make it look like was traveling at 1,200 miles per hour. Nearly every shot needed the background to be replaced with sped up footage or new backgrounds entirely. We also created the dust trail behind the car in CG, as well as the fire thrusters which burst out of the jet engines.”

The script:

Limits, do they even exist?
Or is it just a made up word to destroy our dreams?
Thanks to new Odor Blocker
The most powerful Old Spice antiperspirant in the world.
I was free of sweat’s tyrannical rule over my body.
And push myself even further.
Should I stop?
Should I have listened to all the critics?
Should I have taken even a basic ground level engineering course of some type?
Yes, I should have
But the most valuable lesson I have ever learned..
Is that if you fill your brain with knowledge..
Then there won’t be any room for dreams.
And my dream is to take the wheel and drive.

Boy: Wow
Woman: Wow
Driver: Wow

♫ Old Spice whistle ♫

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy
Senior Producer: Lindsay Reed
Producer: Monica Ranes
Executive Creative Directors: Mark Fitzloff, Joe Staples
Creative Directors: Craig Allen, Jason Bagley
Art Director: Matt Sorrell
Copywriter: Nick Morrissey
Head of Production: Ben Grylewicz

Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks, Revolver Films
Director: Steve Rogers
Executive Producer: Holly Vega
Producer: Pip Smart
Director of Photography: Mandy Walker

VFX & Design: The Mill
Executive Producer: Enca Kaul
Senior Producer: Dan Roberts
Production Coordinator: Kris Drenzek
Shoot Supervisor: Tim Davies
Creative Director: Tim Davies
Head of 3D: John Leonti
2D Lead Artist: Tim Davies
3D Lead Artist: Tom Graham
2D Artists: Tara DeMarco, Daniel Thuresson, Andy Dill, Robert Murdock, Don Kim, Dag Ivarsoy, Jeff Langlois, Ashely Forbito, Adam Lambert, Tim Robbins
3D Artists: Phill Mayer, Hartwell Durfor, Kenzie Chen, Yorie Kumalasari, Brett Angelillis, Mike DiNocco, Katie Yancey, Blake Guest, Jenna Kind, Monique Espinoza, Steven Olson, Milton Ramirez
Art Department: Brett Lopinsky, Laurence Konishi, Kelsey Napier
Executive Producer, Colour: Thatcher Peterson
Colour Producer: Antonio Hardy
Production Coordinator, Colour: Diane Valera
Colourist: Adam Scott

Editing Company: Mackenzie Cutler
Editor: Gavin Cutler
Edit Assist: Brendan Hogan

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