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Super Bowl Winner: Audi “Doberhuahau”

Biscuit director Noam Murro and a crew of 50+ VFX artists and producers from The Mill clean up at the Big Game with 60 seconds of funny/creepy puppy strangeness in this out of character clip for Audi thru Venables Bell & Partners.

Agency: Venables Bell & Partners

Production: Biscuit
Director: Noam Murro
Director of photography: Toby Irwin

VFX: The Mill
VFX executive producer: Sue Troyan
V/FX producer: Dan Roberts
VFX coordinator: Antonio Hardy
2D lead: James Allen
3D lead: Gawain Liddiard
Additional 3D lead artists: Jacob Bergman (Animation), Tom Raynor ( Lighting & Rendering), Martin Rivera(Tracking)
2D artists: Nick Tayler, Becky Porter, Jason Bergman, Ben Smith, Chris Howard, Brad Scott
3D artists: Steve Beck, Carl Harders, George Lui, Ashraf Ghoniem, Blake Guest, Blake Sullivan, Bradley McLaughlin, Bridget Warrington, Cassi Clayton, Chris Goodrich, Danny Yoon, Hartwell Durfor, James Ma, Jason Janksy, Jesse Flores, Juan Zavala, Katie Yancey, Martin Rivera, Matt Bohnert, Matt Neapolitan, Miguel Guerrero, Mike Di Nocco, Nick Lines, Robert Chapman, Tom Graham, Sergio Xisto, Margaux Huneau
Matte painting: Thom Price, Itai Mueller
After Effects: Greg Park
After department: Jeff Langlios, Ashley Forbito

Editor: Rick Russell @ Final Cut
Sound design: Brian Emrich / Trinitite Studios
Music: Elias Arts
MIX: Loren Silber at Lime Studios

One Response to “Super Bowl Winner: Audi “Doberhuahau””
  1. Aundrea says:

    GREAT commercial, of only a handful of creative ones tonight for the Superbowl. LOVE!