“Stop Climate Change” Fellow Americans PSA | STASH MAGAZINE

Fellow Americans “Stop Climate Change” PSA by Masayoshi Nakamura

Masayoshi Nakamura (aka Good General) is a NY-based art director/animator from Japan: “This is an animated PSA for the non-profit organization Fellow Americans calling to stop climate change. [Watch]

Who Fu Nathan Love | STASH MAGAZINE

Nathan Love Answers the Question “Who Fu?”

Director/illustrator Magico and AD/illustrator Masayoshi Nakamura (aka husband and wife directing duo Who Fu) join the roster at Nathan Love in NYC. [Watch]

Kris Mercado: The Griswolds “Red Tuxedo” | STASH MAGAZINE

Kris Mercado: The Griswolds “Red Tuxedo”

Rush back thru a stream of pop culture as NY director Kris Mercado tackles his “more awkward years” chasing the visuals for “Red Tuxedo” for Aussie pop-rockers The Griswolds. [Watch]