Tendril: Young Empires “So Cruel” Remix for Molson Coors

Toronto’s Tendril showoff their full in-house toolbox in a interactive music video combining live action, haute design, animation and VFX to intro Molson Coors new Altitude lager thru Rethink.

Watch the standalone video above.

Watch the interactive version here.
Tendril Coors Rethink | STASH MAGAZINE

Client: Molson Coors

Agency: Rethink

Production/VFX/UX: Tendril
CD: Christopher Bahry, Alex Torres
EP: Kate Bate
HOP / Supervising Producer: Mary Anne Ledesma
Coordinator: Leah Wesolowski, Gerard Goco
Design Concept & Story: Chris Bahry, Vini Nascimento, Noah Pink, Leo Mateus
Art Direction: Vini Nascimento, Chris Bahry
Taxidermy Sculptures: Vini Nascimento, Rodrigo Rezende
Matte Paintings & Concept Art: Bojan Zoric
Storyboard: Greg Boychuck
Technical Director: Ben Pilgrim
3D Environments: Vini Nascimento, Ben Pilgrim, Marcin Porebski, Rowan Simpson, Rajat Rana, Alasgar Hasanov, Marek Denko and Peter Sanitra of NoEmotion
Lead Lighting & Render: Brad Husband
Textures, Lighting & Render: Brad Husband, Steven Hollman, Alasgar Hasanov
Cinemagraphs: Chris Bahry, Leo Mateus
2D Graphics: Leo Mateus
Tracking Supervisor: Matt Ralph
Tracking & Roto: Trace VFX
Nuke Compositors: Chris Bahry, Robert Moggach, Winston Lee, Tim Townsend, Richard Chiu, Joel Saunders
Flame Compositors: Patrick Coffey, Joel Osis, Mike Morey

Relish Editing Editor: Jackie Roda
Relish Editing Asst: John Gallagher
Relish Editing EP: Sally Leggett

567VFX Color: Joel Osis
567VFX Online: Patrick Coffey
567VFX Producer: Lucy O,Neill
567VFX Flame Assist: Astrid Cardenas

CD / UI Designer: Ronaldo Jardim
UI/UX Producer: Mary Anne Ledesma
UI Lead Developer: Greg Webber of Nickel Media
UI Developer: John Munn of Nickel Media

Live Action Director: Noah Pink & Chris Bahry
Line Producer: Shannon Brand
DOP: Andre Pienaar
CG Supervisor: Joel Osis, Vini Nascimento
Wardrobe Stylist: Jessica Mary Clayton
Make-up: Misty Fox
Hair: Oriana Rossi
Art Director: Jesson Moen
Lead Guy: Matthew Vlahovich
Lead Girl: Ksenia Mezenina

Supergroup Sonic Branding Co.
Creative director / lead music supervisor: David Hayman
Music supervisor: Sean Hamilton
Music coordinator: Cody Partridge

Ta2 Sound + Music
Executive Producer: Dana Gadsden
Audio Director: Steve Gadsden
Engineer: Dave Clarke

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