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Thom Haig: “Becoming One”

London motion designer and visualisation artist, Thom Haig crafts a thoughtful and carefully rendered full-CG personal project exploring the relationship between connectivity and individuality.

“I wanted to examine the dichotomy between the virtual world that is created as we share information and a more physical, visceral reality. Inspired by science fiction writers, such as William Gibson and Shirow Masamune, I am fascinated, and terrified, by the notion that we are becoming nodes in an expanding network.

“In Becoming One, I wanted to explore whether, as technology advances, we are ever really alone, and what our sense of ‘self’ means in the new reality we are creating.

“Becoming One was made using Cinema 4D (and Octane Renderer) and After Effects. I experimented with a range of different aesthetics, in an attempt to convey individual facets of a larger, broader reality.”

By: Thom Haig (
Script Editor: Sara Stafford
Sound designer: Wesley Slover
Voiceover: Matt Abbott