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Time Based Arts Jumps the Shark/Buffalo/Rocket for Vodafone

London’s Time Based Arts (founded in 2009 by Flame artists Mike Skrgatic and James Allen) prove once again that big VFX no longer have to come from big shops. Check the evidence: this ambitious and wonder-filled 90-second adventure created in four months at TBA’s Shoreditch studio for Vodafone directed by Sebastian Strasser at Radical Berlin for agency Jung Von Matt.

“Stylistically the director wanted to keep the camera off the tripod and hand held throughout which added to the narrative flow of the spot overall but of course increased the complexity of the vfx shots. With each vignette lasting only a short duration of the overall edit it was also the case that there was enormous amounts of R&D for very short sections. The creature work and full fur on the buffalo for example taking many weeks to perfect for the completion of only three short shots.”

Agency: Jung Von Matt
Production: Radical Berlin
Director: Sebastian Strasser
VFX: Time Based Arts
Editor: Paul Hardcastle @ Trim
Music: Woodkid “Run boy run”

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