“Unexpected Gifs” for Perrier by Playful (Director’s Cut)

Pablo Alfieri, creative director at Playful in Buenos Aires (and Barcelona): “One more time, we have the pleasure to work with my friends at agency Mazarine You To You and build a director’s cut about the six wonders of Perrier.

“Six different GIFs exploring the eccentric, surreal and unexpected world of the iconic bottle. A big range of random situations and the synergy of Perrier with the worlds of art, sport, fashion, culture and lifestyle.”
Perrier Unexpected GIFs | STASH MAGAZINE

Client: Perrier

Agency: Mazarine You to You

Direction: Playful
Creative, Art Direction & Montage: Pablo Alfieri
CG Production: Playful, Pleid / Juanma Mota & Alberto Carbonell & Ruye
Art Director: Fran Rossi
CG Artists: Fran Rossi, Pablo Alfieri
VFX Artist: Matias Furno
CG Designers: Pablo Alfieri, Sebastian Morales
Director’s Cut Editing & Montage: Pablo Alfieri

Sound Design: Cypheraudio