Something Viscous this Way Comes

Dancer Eloise Hymas writhes, screams, and generally disappears into director Zak Emerson’s new music video for “Knots” by UK composer/producer Ben Chatwin with VFX and post from Nineteentwenty and MPC respectively.

Zak Emerson: “I wanted the imagery to investigate themes Ben has been exploring in his music: the natural vs man-made, rural vs urban, spiritual vs tech.

“The music strongly makes me see imagery of this kind – primal textures like simple evolutionary development: glistening seaweed, rock, bone, delicate structures, oil, scratched urbanity etc.

“Ben also felt these were relevant and powerful images to use. I was way excited when he revealed these were the kinds of names he’d already chosen for tracks. The stars aligned.

“I wanted to tell the abstracted story of birth and becoming – this seemed an intriguing way to take viewers on an odd but hopefully cinematic journey into Ben’s incredibly rich musical world of the most twisted darkness and the lightest poetic humanity.”

Client: Village Green

Production: Merman
Director: Zak Emerson
Producer: Lily Goodchild
EP: Dan Dickenson
DoP: Federico Alfonzo
Art director: Emily Durtnall

Edit: Marshall Street Editors
Editor: Jake Armstrong

VFX: Nineteentwenty
Post: MPC

Music: Ben Chatwin
Talent: Eloise Hymas

Immediate Byte