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weareseventeen: All 4 Platform Identity

London design and motion studio weareseventeen recently won a competitive pitch to develop and produce the on-screen identity for the launch of All 4; Channel 4’s new destination for all their linear and on-demand content including this series of eclectic and fun animated pre-rolls created in concert with 4creative.

“Taking the static marque created by Magpie Studio, which derives from the original Lambie-Nairn Channel 4 logo and brings together Channel 4’s family of services in one place through its use of color. We worked with 4Creative to develop the brand identity and its on-screen application with the logo at its heart.

“We felt the static logo with its extrusions of varying heights implied that the blocks of color had pushed up through a surface to create the All 4 brand. This concept of ‘push’ became the heart of the visual language and motion of All 4 on screen.

“Central to the package are a selection of generic and channel-themed animated pre-rolls. These play before all content and are designed to reflect and embody the distinct attitudes of each channel, reinforcing the idea that All 4 is ‘where all the four’s come together’.

“We also consulted on the design and functionality of the UI, assisting the Channel 4 digital team with the development of the desktop site and apps. The package was further extended into a branded promo package where individual channels on demand content could be promoted within the All 4 world.”

Client: Channel 4
Logo: Magpie Studio
Concept, Design & Direction: 4creative & weareseventeen
Sound Design: Rich Martin @ Envy

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