Whitelight Motion: Taipei Design City Exhibition Promo 2017

Whitelight Motion Studio in Taipei City, Taiwan, describes themselves as “a hybrid creative studio focusing on expanding the possibilities between motion graphics and video installation.”

About the project (according to Google Translate):
“Design for Man, Design for Everyone”

Taipei Design City, Taipei Design City, this year, aims at “equal philosophy” to explore the possibility of a balanced partnership between individuals and groups, public / private sector / third sector.

Whitelight Motion is honored to create an image of the film for the exhibition, the creative continuation of the main visual dense squares, dismantling and expanding the visual content of 1:1 – equality, maps, proportions and information.

From small alleys to the neighborhood, large urban city, and even beyond the geographical virtual space, to different scale scale 1:1 representative of the visual cues, echo the exhibition covers the park, community, landscape, data, sustainable and other major issues.

And by the infinite spread of each small squares built into the image of the exhibition, stressed by reading every smallest unit, see the different possibilities of the city space!
Guidance Unit | Taipei City Government
Sponsor | Taipei Municipal Government Culture Bureau
Planning to perform | archicake
Dynamic Image Co-ordination | Whitelight Motion
Director: Hong Yu Tong Rex Hon
Design Style Frame: Zheng Yaozong Yiu Chung Cheng, Song Zhengjie
Animation Motion Design: Xu Kaijun Kai Chun Hsu, Xia Haoquan Roy Hsia, Yu Tiefei Tieh-Fei Yu, Liu Kaiwen Keven Liu, Jiang Pinxu Patrick Chiang
Compositing: Xu Kaijun Kai Chun Hsu
Sound Designer: Huang Rongyi Eazie Huang