HHmuseum Conceptual Promo by Whitelight Motion

Playful new promo via Taipei’s Whitelight Motion for HHmuseum, a new online platform for kids led by Taiwan’s National Palace Museum and featuring the children’s galleries of 15 public museums around the country. [Watch]

Whitelight Motion Vision Get Wild exhibition promo | STASH MAGAZINE

Vision Get Wild 2018 Promo by Whitelight Motion

Beautiful promotional clip for the non-profit Vision Get Wild exhibition and awards happening May 16-18 in Taipei, Taiwan created by hometown motion studio Whitelight. [Watch]

Taipei Design City Exhibition | STASH MAGAZINE

Whitelight Motion: Taipei Design City Exhibition Promo 2017

Whitelight Motion Studio in Taipei City, Taiwan, describes themselves as “a hybrid creative studio focusing on expanding the possibilities between motion graphics and video installation.” [Watch]