William Armstrong: Adidas “Battlepack”

According to director William Armstrong‘s bio he “grew up in Botswana in the middle of the bush surrounded by crocodiles and snakes” so we’ll assume that’s where the savage intensity of this new Adidas online spot comes from as captured by DP Sebastian Pfaffenbichler and edited with fanatical precision by Andreas Bardet @ Infected.

Post and VFX by The Mill, who reveal: “Every frame of this film was enhanced in Nuke, wherein the team created a set of shadows, shapes, de-focusing effects, camera movements, flares, subliminal frames, superimposed imagery, smoke, flames, particles and CGI elements such as balls, which were then all composited together, maximizing the already dramatic effect of the black and white set that was shot.”

Agency: Lukas Lindemann Rosinkski
Production Company: Markenfilm GmbH

Post-Production/VFX: The Mill
VFX Producer: Justin Stiebel
Shoot Supervisor: Leonardo Costa
2D Lead Artists: Hugo Guerra, Anne-Sofie Tholander
2D Artists: Justin Gros Desir, Kirti Dave, Jeanette Eiternes, Olivia O’Neil, Greg Spencer
3D Artists: Michael O’Donoghue
Matte Painting: Jiyoung Lee
Colourist: James Bamford