Xiaozhu: Pleasing Your Homestay Desires

Sing along with the bouncing karaoke ball in this jaw-dropper from director Matthias Zentner full of dubious characters and ambitious VFX for Chinese home-sharing platform Xiaozhu (Small Pig).

The spot, which was pulled just before the air date, takes the guests and conditions found in standard Chinese hotels to a comical extreme with CG via Ignyte and post from Velvet.


Agency: Karma Advertising, Shanghai

Post: Velvet Mediendesign Gmbh
Vfx Supervisor: Falk Buettner
Editor: Matthias Zentner
Post Producer: Maria Metodieva, Sampada Harkara
Post Production Manager: Niklas Stolzenberg
Post Production Supervisor: Christopher Chaber
Mattpainting: Korbinian Vogel
Grading: Flo Wolf
3D/Pre-viz: Ignyte
Rotoscoping/Retouching: Rayk Hemmerling,Johannes Bogenhauser
Rotoscoping India: Ab Vfx, Famous Studios
Flame Artist,Compositing: Andreas Rathmacher, Marco Pelzel
Titles/Afx: Thomas Wernbacher

Music: Chris Zhou
Sound Design: M-sound Studios

Immediate Byte