2016 Reeperbahn Festival Titles

The Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg’s massive annual four-day music bacchanal, launches today with these playful titles full of smooth and soothing CG via hometown motion designers Vitaly Grossmann and Vincent Schwenk.

Vitaly and Vincent: “There are more than 700 events in over 70 locations in just four days. So we wanted our concept to reflect the great variety of the festival through a moving cube with different sides, each side representing a different topic of the festival in the middle of Hamburg.

Reeperbahn Festival | STASH MAGAZINE

“Playful moving objects occupy the space and bring life into spatial diversity. The moving objects represent festival visitors: They queue up, wait till the lights turn of and the music starts, relax, meet and greet, have drinks, jump around and dance.

Reeperbahn Festival | STASH MAGAZINE

“The approach was to start and end rather 2Dish graphical and explore the space in 3D. Every single shape you see in the trailer, like the walls, the arrangement of the windows, even the objects and the graphics are extracts from the CI pattern we’ve got from the client.

reeperbahn Titles | STASH MAGAZINE

“The color concept was a tricky part. Blue and orange are contrasting colors, so we had to handle them with care. Therefore just the hero objects got colored and highlighted all at once. We incorporate typography and the logo into the scene by using projection on the walls.

“We used C4D and Octane as 3D package. Our mate Jochen Mader at AUDIONERVE did the sound for us.”

Client: Reeperbahn Festival
Direction / Design / Animation: Vitaly Grossmann & Vincent Schwenk
Music: Audionerve