“36 Days of Type” by Ben Huynh

Ben Huynh in Long Beach, CA: “This year’s edition of 36 Days of Type. 36 Days of Type is a yearly open call inviting designers, illustrators and visual artists to share their view on the letters and numbers from our alphabet. [Read more]

Whitelight Motion Vision Get Wild exhibition promo | STASH MAGAZINE

Vision Get Wild 2018 Promo by Whitelight Motion

Beautiful promotional clip for the non-profit Vision Get Wild exhibition and awards happening May 16-18 in Taipei, Taiwan created by hometown motion studio Whitelight. [Read more]

Hypernova animated typeface | STASH MAGAZINE

Hypernova Animated Typeface

Giacomo Ribaudo: “Hypernova is a high-octane display typeface for Adobe After Effects. Each glyph has two colors that can be set from a two color palette, or with the flick of a switch, can be randomly chosen from a six color palette.” [Read more]

Babyshop Mothersday FP7/DXB | STASH MAGAZINE

Putting the “Mother” into Mother’s Day

Turns out the Arabic word for parenthood (pronounced “Al Obuwah”) translates as “fatherhood.” So in the spirit of acknowledging mom’s role, Middle East retailer Babyshop and their agency FP7/DXB created a new Arabic word: Al Umobuwah. [Read more]


Offset 2018 Title Sequence by MPC

Working independent of each other, six creative directors from various MPC offices around the globe tackle the main title sequence of Offset in Dublin, ambitious typography ensues. [Read more]

Tom Rosenthal - Don’t Die Curious | STASH MAGAZINE

Chloe Jackson: Tom Rosenthal “Don’t Die Curious” Music Video

Bristol based motion designer and illustrator Chloe Jackson: “I was asked to create a lyric video for Tom Rosenthal’s wonderful song, ‘Don’t Die Curious.’ [Read more]