Head-snapping ITV2 Refresh via ManvsMachine

ManvsMachine (with production help from Neon and audio by David Kamp) conjures a crazed mix of live action and CG for this impossible-to-ignore refresh of ITV2, the naughty sibling of the ITV family aimed at 16-34s.

ManvsMachine: “Rather than delivering a pre-packaged set of idents, we worked with ITV Creative to develop an automated modular play-out system that assembles idents on the fly. Like a digital tombola, the system randomly sequences snippets from 12 bespoke ITV2 branded scenes.

“Around 50% of the elements are CG, rendered and animated in Cinema4D, we strived to make the scenes look hyper-real in order to work together with the stylized live acton.

“Each scene is 20 seconds long, therefore we had to create a tremendous amount of animation and an impressive amount of frames. Working on highly detailed scenes that always fill the whole screen was challenging and exciting at the same time. Eventually the viewer will only see a few seconds of each scene every time they get chopped up into one of the idents.

“The live action was shot on an Arri Alexa and Amira cameras at Three Mills studios, London. This time we tried to make them look surreal, with a bold, graphic style of lighting, to get them as close as possible to their siblings. Even we were surprised by the outcome how digital some of the scenes started to look.”


Randomized Ident / 20sec:

ITV Creative

Concept / Design / Direction

VFX / Animation / Compositing
ManvsMachine & Neon

Pau Castejon Ubeda

David Kamp @ Studio Kamp

Nick Armstrong @ Envy Post

Aubrey Woodiwiss @ Electric Theatre Collective