Boom! Stash 113 Drops

Stash 113 inducts another 31 brilliant motion projects into the Stash Permanent Collection complete with behind-the-scenes features plus exclusive interviews with the animation, VFX and design talent behind the work. [Read more]


Head-snapping ITV2 Refresh via ManvsMachine

ManvsMachine (with production help from Neon and audio by David Kamp) conjures a crazed mix of live action and CG for this impossible-to-ignore refresh of ITV2, the naughty sibling of the ITV family aimed at 16-34s. [Read more]

Behind the Scenes: “Lost & Found” for Woolmark

London 3D specialists Neon throw their talents for seamless 3D/live action integration at the timeless question “How does one describe the wool production process in an entertaining way?”

Neon MD Tom Bridges: “We were careful not to go over the top with the animation – it’s a piece of wool, after all – but we wanted to give it some character to create some drama. We also found it a challenge to tell our story in a visually exciting way – whilst relating it to the industrial processes going on in the background.

“The technical challenges were myriad. Not least was the wool staple itself, which was an unruly combination of animation and simulation. We shot footage in Biella, Italy and in Huddersfield in the UK. Getting all this footage to intercut with our fully CGI set pieces took a lot of finessing.

[Read more]

Collider Opening Titles | STASH MAGAZINE

Collider Opens with Epic Titles by Neon and Rob Chiu

The Collider Conference and Job Fair launched yesterday (June 10) at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York with this stirring and epic title sequence setting the tone. Many thanks from all of us at Stash to the intrepid production team lead by creative boutique Neon, director Rob Chiu and Box of Toys Audio who rose way [Read more]

Production/VFX: Neon Client: National Geographic Info from Neon: “National Geographic came to us directly with their concept for this 45” promo. Both budget and timescale were extremely limited but as soon as we saw the boards, we knew we had to be involved. The idea was inspired by a shot in the Naudet brothers’ documentary, […] [Read more]

Merry “Macro” from Neon in London

The tiny but intrepid crew at Neon say the purpose of “Macro”, their latest R&D project, was “to create a series of impossible yet photo-real shots, putting us right in the middle of the action… with a small team of artists (instead of the usual small army). [Read more]