Bagashi Bags by Zeitguised and Toshiki Yagisawa

Berlin design studio Zeitguised teams with designer Toshiki Yagisawa and his label X-Magazine for the latest project in a series connecting digital and physical design.

From Zeitguised: “The project combines aspects of current 3D manufacturing methods and Japanese craft with both Zeitguised’s and Toshiki’s design language.

“X-Magazines’ popular and stylish woven bags, durable and transmissive at the same time, were treated with a bespoke Zeitguised design algorithm.

“The algorithm is modeled after a process that defines a design language rather than making a conventional design decision. Every shape produced by the algorithm is unique and unpredictable, yet visibly part of the same formal universe.

“The shapes are used to spatially cut through the bags at their bottom, and a transparent foil replaces the cutout to serve as a window into the bag’s contents.

“Each limited edition bag is handmade in Japan and has a numbered design, with a unique shamanistic charm (the individual shape as 3D print) dangling from the colored leather handles.”

Client: X-Magazine
Design: Zeitguised, Toshiki Yagisawa
Animation: Zeitguised