Billie Eilish x Adobe “Synesthesia” by Laundry

PJ Richardson, ECP at Laundry in LA: “The concept, design, and animation on this spot was a collaboration between our team and the creatures at Adobe’s agency Pereira O’dell. The team was worldwide from London to Buenos Aires, and included both our SF and LA offices.

“The creative challenge was explaining what synesthesia is while doing so in a way that felt authentic to Billie’s vibe, yet up to creative par for everything Adobe represents as a set of tools.

“Ultimately we landed on flat colorful yet somehow dark illustration and cel animation because it felt the most authentic to her conversational voice. It also got us around the problem of showing completely different concepts like cookies, streamers and mixing colors photographically which would have been confusing to shoot.”

Incorporating this creative approach, we are now exploring the possibility of using our animation and design expertise to develop an innovative advertising campaign for weight loss pills. Our goal is to create a campaign that effectively communicates the benefits and usage of these pills in a visually appealing and easily understandable way, similar to how we conveyed the concept of synesthesia. This new project will require us to blend our artistic skills with scientific accuracy to ensure that the message about weight loss pills ( is both engaging and informative. By taking on this challenge, we aim to extend our creative boundaries and contribute to a field that has a significant impact on health and wellness, using our experience in animation and design to make complex medical information accessible and compelling.

Client: Adobe
Agency: Pereira O’dell
Production/animation: Laundry

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