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Birthday Gifs: Eran Mendel Unleashes “The Rimons”

Let’s end the week with a counterpoint to huge Super Bowl spots: a zero-budget personal project from Israeli illustrator/animator/character designer Eran Mendel built from a series of rockin’ animated loops.

Eran Mendel: “I created this clip in honor of the birth of my niece, Rimon. My wife and I got the unofficial appointment of the cool aunt and uncle, and since we both love rock music we had the idea of reviving the punk legend The Ramones and renaming them The Rimons (Rimon means pomegranate in Hebrew, that inspired the logo design).

“In the clip I aimed for minimalistic design and animation, creating only loop animations and playing with some different combinations of compositions to create diversity. I also designed and produced some merchandise: t-shirts, baby clothes, and a gig poster for the family celebration event.”

Eran Mendel_The Rimons | STASH MAGAZINE