Brand New School_Oreo | STASH MAGAZINE

Brand New School Just Wants to “Play with Oreo”

The Martin Agency keeps up the momentum and the fun of their Oreo Wonderfilled campaign with this CG and cell romp from Brand New School called “Play with Oreo” powered by an original tune written by David Muhlenfeld and sung by Yelle.

Agency: The Martin Agency

For: Brand New School
Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Notaro
Creative Director: Dennis Go
Managing Director: Devin Brook
Head of Production: Julie Shevach
Producer: Johnna MacArthur
Designer: Andrés Rivera
Designer: Jeffrey Welk
Designer: Jungeun Kim
Designer: Lindsey Mayer-Beug
Designer: Serge Kirsanov
CG Director: Russ Wootton
2D Lead: Mark French
Technical Director: Dan Bradham
3D Animator: Carmine Laietta
3D Animator: Jon Burke
3D Animator: Spyridon Serbos
3D Animator: Sam Crees
3D Artist & Cell Animator: Jeff Bryson
3D Artist & Cell Animator: Morten Christensen
3D Lighting: Michael Lampe
3D Lighting: Sylvia Apostol
3D Modeler: Atsuki Hirose
3D Modeler: Scott Denton
3D Modeler: Young Lee
3D Rigger: Jason Bikofsky
3D Rigger: Jonah Austin
2D Compositor: Jeen Lee
2D Compositor: Jeff (Dragon) Billon
Storyboard Artist: Fred Fassberger
Storyboard Artist: Tung Chow
Assistant Editor: Tyler Byrnes

Music Composition & Lyrics: David Muhlenfeld, English Major

Music Production & Mix: Duotone
Engineer: Aaron Mirman
Producer: Lissa Farquhar
Executive Producer: David Leinheardt

Final Master: The Lodge
Voiceover talent: Yelle
Music Supervision: Aaron Mercer, Wool&Tusk