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Breeder Opens “The Expanse” for SyFy

We suspect some of the praise SyFy is enjoying for their new space drama series “The Expanse” (based on the novels by James S. A. Corey, aka writers Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck), is a direct result of how well the show’s tone is set by this sweeping and ominous title sequence by Australian studio Breeder.

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Finished titles:

VFX breakdown:

Directed by Breeder
Creative Direction & Design: Joyce N. Ho
Producer: Candace Marshall
Lead Animation & Compositing: Chris Morris
Compositing: Alex Gee & Joyce N. Ho
2D Animation: Joyce N. Ho, Alex Gee & Ryan McShane
3D Animation Lead: Brad Coomber
3D Animation: Alex Gee & Chris Morris
Editing & Colour: Alex Gee
Additional Design: Ryan McShane