Burning the Best of British Cinema: “Film is Fragile”

Brilliant concept and exacting execution from director Carl Addy and the Mill+ crew in response to an open brief from the British Film Institute to create a fund-raising film for its mission to preserve and restore the national film archive.

Carl Addy: “The concept for this film isn’t simply about the preservation of the physical celluloid but, more importantly, it is about the protection and sanctity of the soul of film, which is storytelling.”

“Our biggest challenge was getting clearance on such a wide range of footage, it was a mammoth research task as we needed to trawl through so much footage.

“It was like piecing together a giant jigsaw puzzle using footage from some of the best films in British cinema. Our talented design team then got to work on coming up with the correct film burn language.”

Client: British Film Institute
Producer: Hannah Partington

Production: Mill+
Director: Carl Addy
Executive Producers: Luke Colson, Steve Venning
Producers: Luis Martin, Oana Anghel

VFX: The Mill
Executive Producer: Luke Colson
Producers: Luis Martin, Oana Anghel
Creative Director: Carl Addy
2D Artists: Barnes, Georgina Ford, Milo Paterson, Ivo Sousa, Anthony Fieldsend, Tom Wansbrough-Jones, Henry Foreman, Gavin Marler, Stephanie Dewhirst, Freya Barnsley, Diogo Pinheiro, Shaun Leong-Williams
3D Artist: Stephanie Dewhirst
Motion Graphics: Jordi Pages
Design: Alexandra T. Pelham, Douglas Bowden

Colour: The Mill
Color Producer: Dan Kreeger
Colorist: James Bamford

Edit: The Mill
Editor: Hugo Vaughan-Hughes
Edit Assist: Theo Gibara

Music: Volta Music
Sound Effects: Alex Joseph, Theo Gibara