Casumo Rebrand Case Study by NŌBL

From NŌBL in France: “NŌBL redefined Casumo’s whole image in order to reflect the fundamental values of this welcoming, reassuring and original brand.

“These new visual and sonic signatures bring the casino closer to its players, taking them by surprise and encouraging them to expect the unexpected: just like the roll of a dice, anything could happen!”

Client: Casumo

Direction: NŌBL
Creative director: Julien Nantiec, Cyril Izarn
Storyboard/Illustration: Julien Nantiec, Cyril Izarn, Batiste Perron, Martin Dasnoy, Buigues Dalmiro, Romain Loubersanes
Animator: Batiste Perron, Cyril Izarn, Martin Dasnoy, Julien Nantiec, Romain Loubersanes, Buigues Dalmiro
Montage/Compositing: Cyril Izarn, Julien Nantiec

Music/sound design: Yuta Endo

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