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Children’s Book Trailers: Volume 1

As a semi-serious collector of children’s books, I have a soft spot for animated children’s book trailers. These three films all showcase the genre’s challenges of staying true to a volume’s particular charm as well as its illustration style.

Tomorrow I’ll be Brave
Client: Penguin Workshop
Author/illustrator: Jessica Hische
Director: Oddfellows
Music: Olga Bell

Mini Rabbit Not Lost
Client: Harper Collins
Author/illustrator: John Bond
Director: Persistent Peril
Animation: Garth Jones, Mark Billington
Producer: Sam Bourner
Audio design: David Kamp

Kot Na Medal
Client: Wydawnictwo EZOP
Author: Małgorzata Kur
Illustrator: Ola Gołębiewska.
Director/animator: Karol Szczepankiewicz

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