Coat of Arms for WebMD: “Tales From the Night Shift”

From Coat of Arms: “This is a true testimony by Alexis Chandler. An EMT Paramedic in Doddridge County, West Virginia who talks about her struggles with living a healthy life and gives suggestions on how to get sleep despite working odd hours.

“This video mixes various styles and techniques that made for a fun challenge, bringing together 2D keyframes, cel animation, 3D mapping and full-on 3D to make sure viewers have the best experience possible.”

Client: WebMD
VP of Editorial Content: Stephanie Snipes
EP of Original Content: Courtney Dixon

Production: Coat of Arms
Creative Director/Producer: Clara Lehmann, Jonathan Lacocque
Editor: Jonathan Lacocque
Designer/Animator: Ricardo Nilsson
Designer: Friedrich Detering, Ana Karen Abitia Hill, Julia Iverson
Cel Animation: Knifeson Yu, Mantas Gr
Sound Design/Music: Joe Basile
Special Thanks: Alexis Chandler, Kenneth Wilson

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