Dan & Jason Party with Android’s Lollipop

Hornet directors Dan Abdo and Jason Patterson serve up a sweet helping of their mad character skills in this 80-second celebration of Google’s Android Lollipop release working directly with Google Creative Lab.

Client: Google Creative Lab
Production: Hornet
Directors: Dan Abdo & Jason Patterson
Executive Producer: Jan Stebbins
Producer: Cathy Kwan, Marty Geren
Editor: RJ Glass, Stephanie Andreou
Animation Director: Mike Luzzi
2D Animators: Blake Patrick, Courtney Vonada, Casey Drogin, Christine Kwon, Frank Suarez, Isam Prado, Jacob Kafka, Keelmy Carlo, Mark Pecoraro, Meredith Nolan, Nivedita Sekar, Tim Beckhardt
2D Interns: Angela DeVito, Natalie Labarre
Lead Compositor: John Harrison
Compositors: Stephanie Andreou, Ted Wiggin
Production Coordinator: Erika Bettencourt
Audio Mix & Sound Design: Huma-Huma