The DELI “Coronanimation”

From DELI Creative Collective in Hamburg: “The lockdown on filming has hit the advertising industry really hard and, for us in film postproduction, we now know the situation all too well from the resulting ‘non-projects’ and postponed projects.

“But DELI has moved with the times and is now no longer purely a provider of classic postproduction services, but also a state-of-the-art, creative studio for digital moving image production.

“Creative scope in the digital world is truly boundless, as the realization of ideas is no longer limited by the confines of a set. Concepts can be approached in entirely new ways.

“We’re all in this together! This is why we want to help with everything our studio can offer!”

Production: DELI
Director: Michael Reissinger
Producer: Alexander Schliephake, Martin Klauder, Friedrich Sigmund
Animator/llustrator: Henrik von der Lieth, Timo Belitz, Gergana Gergova, Sebastian Bunzel, Andreas Görgemanns, Darius Dettlaf, Michael Reissinger, Oleg Fatkulin, Pascal Reitz, Joern Lindner

Sound: Kamil Wojciechowski @ Deli Sounds
Music: Kids in a Candystore