Denial of Service: “Dextro Rotatory Helix”

UK audio and visual engineer/producer Harry Martis (aka Denial of Service) unleashes a fabulously dense and ominous abstract CG piece he describes as “another chemically-induced self-initiated project.

“All visuals completed in 3ds Max (utilizing some seriously intense PFlow scripting for the sound-reactive 3D plexus), Realflow for the liquid sims of the first part and After Effects / Trapcode Suite to boot, as per usual…

“The soundtrack was recorded on Ableton Live and all the harmonic parts (including all bass lines, glitch fx and some percussive sounds) were designed and performed on the PPG Wave synthesizer. All drum sounds courtesy of my TR-808. All vocal bits were re-synthesized on Reaktor and harmonized / vocoded on Lector.”