Ege Soyuer Looks at Both Sides of “Hype” for Intel

From Hornet: “‘Hype’ discusses the difference between “talking” about autonomous cars and “doing” the work to actualize the reality.

“Through illustrative visual metaphors we can see the difference between the hype of potential and the clarity of the technology that will transport us to the future.”
Client: Intel

Agency:TBWA/Chiat Day
Creative Directors: Matthew Woodhams-Roberts and Dave Horton
Senior Art Director: Andrew Livingston
Senior Copywriter: Simon Bruyn
Producer: Joe Maggiore

Production: Hornet
Director: Ege Soyuer
Executive Producer: Hana Shimizu
Head of Production: Sang-Jin Bae
Development Producer: Kristin Labriola
Producer: Niki DiCesare
Editor: Stephanie Andreou
Storyboard Artist: Ege Soyuer
Designer: Ege Soyuer, Austin Hermann
Lead Animator: Ege Soyuer
Animator: Hui Chi Chuang, Elena Manetta
Compositor: Ege Soyuer, Hui Chi Chuang
C4D: Chris Guyot

Music & Sound Design: Barking Owl