Transportation Alternatives "NYC 25x25" by Ege Soyuer and WXY Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Transportation Alternatives “NYC 25×25” by Ege Soyuer and WXY Studio

Director/designer Ege Soyuer in New York: “Proud to have directed this piece in collaboration with WXY Studio for Transportation Alternatives and their #nyc25x25 initiative, encouraging NYC’s next leaders to convert 25% of car space into space for people by 2025. [Watch]

Hornet Intel hype | STASH MAGAZINE

Ege Soyuer Looks at Both Sides of “Hype” for Intel

The Good and Bad of “Hype” by Ege Soyuer for Intel | STASH MAGAZINE [Watch]

Erica Gorochow_Dear Europe | STASH MAGAZINE

“Dear Europe” the Future is Written by Those who Vote

Brooklyn director/designer/illustrator Erica Gorochow gathered a super crew of 23 US and UK artists to deliver a message to European voters ahead of the upcoming elections on “how lessons gleaned from Brexit and Trump, might relate.” [Watch]



Hornet, the full-service production with offices in New York City and London, is proud to announce the signing of director and motion graphic artist Ege Soyuer. For New York-based Ege, composition has always been key. “I originally went to school to be a mechanical engineer because I wanted to design cars,” says Ege. “I was […] [Watch]

Yule Log 2.015 | STASH MAGAZINE

Yule Log 2.015: That Burning Holiday Desire

At 9:30pm on Christmas eve 1966, New York TV station WPIX debuted a three-hour program comprised of a single 17-second, 16 millimeter looped clip of the Gracie Mansion fireplace with carols as a soundtrack. Then… [Watch]

School of Life_Pessimism | STASH MAGAZINE

The Wisdom of Pessimism

UK-based Swiss philosopher/writer/television presenter Alain de Botton reads his own script in this counter-intuitive mini-masterpiece on the benefits of a glass half empty – conjured by London director/animator/designer Claudio Salas and a crew of over 30 collaborators. [Watch]