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Flutter and Clemenger BBDO: Libra “I Am Fearless”

A kinetic and emotional animated take on the power of fear as a motivator, this :60 from director Dom Bartolo and the crew at Flutter (the motion arm of international talent reps The Jacky Winter Group), swirls through singer/songwriter Megan Washington’s feelings of shame, distress, pride and triumph.

Commissioned by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, the spot combines hand-drawn cel animation, 2D motion graphics, live action and 3D animation.

Flutter director Dom Bartolo: “It was clear from the moment we began discussing this project with the creative team at Clemenger that this campaign was going to be inspiring.

“For me, the concept of focusing on stories about real individuals overcoming their deepest fears immediately elevated the project. I knew it could be emotional, heartfelt and poetic – and in turn allow us to visually push the narrative.

“We held sessions with our entire team (illustrators, artists, designers, animators, directors and producers) and listened to Megan’s voiceover recording — openly sharing and expressing amongst ourselves the meaning and sentiment of each of her phrases.

“The thing we all became instantly conscious of was this was an openhearted expression by a real individual about something incredibly sensitive and personal. In acknowledging that early on, I think our team all felt a profound sense of duty to respect Megan’s emotions and convey them with as much intensity as we possibly could. “

Client: Libra
Agency:Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Animation/production: Flutter
Director Dom Bartolo
Producer Li Liang Johnson
Producer Fushia O’Hara
Artist Andrew Archer of UNA

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